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Claremont Service Center offers a complete range of domestic and foreign car transmission services to the entire Owatonna ~ Dodge Center and Dodge County area. Our transmission shop has expertly trained and qualified service and repair technicians ready to offer every one of our Owatonna ~ Dodge Center customers nothing less than complete satisfaction each and every time you bring your car to our Owatonna ~ Dodge Center area transmission shop for service and repair. Listed below are the service categories and list of services offered by our Owatonna ~ Dodge Center area auto transmission repair facility.
Service CategoriesOffered Services
Transmission Service & Repair Computer Diagnosis, 4-Wheel Drive (4x4), Automatic Transmission, Manual Transmission, Fluid & Filter Replacement and more...

Clutch Service & Repair Clutch Slave Cylinder, Clutch Kit Installation, Clutch Adjustment

Differential Service & Repair Differential Diagnosis, Differential Rebuild, Differential Fluid, Differential Parts

Drivetrain Service & Repair CV Shafts & Boots, Transfer Case, Drive Shaft & U-Joints

Brake Repair ABS Brake Repair, Brake Bleeding, Brake Adjustment, Brake replacement, Brake Rotors / Drums and more...

Suspension and Steering Rear Suspensions, Suspension Springs, Suspension Struts, Suspension Replacement, Suspension Lift Kits and more...

Engine Repair Piston Rings, Connecting Rod Bearings, Front Crankshaft Oil Seal, Timing Cover, Timing Chain and more...

Electrical System Repair Powered Windows, Powered Seating, Powered Mirrors, Brake Lamps, Headlamps and more...

Battery, Charging and Starting Systems Alternator Replacement, Alternator Testing, Alternator Troubleshooting, Alternator Tensioner, Battery Charge and more...

Cooling Systems Radiator Repair, Radiator Thermostat, Water Pump Belt, Water Pump Gaskets, Water Pump Hose and more...

Emission System Catalytic Converter Repair, Catalytic Converter Replacement, EGR Cleaning, EGR Modulator, EGR Repair and more...

Exhaust System High Performance Exhaust, Racing Exhaust Mufflers, Exhaust Muffler Repair, Stainless Steel Exhaust, Truck Exhaust and more...

Fuel System Fuel Tank Installation, Fuel Tank Leaks, Fuel Tank Pump, Fuel Tank Removal, Fuel Tank Repair and more...

Lighting & Wipers Turn Signals, Parking Lights, Stoplights, Tail & Marker Lights, Emergency Flashers and more...

Filters / Fluids Oil Filter, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Cabin Filter, Oil Change and more...

Belts & Hoses Brake Hoses, Coolant Hose, Drive Belt, Fan Belt Replacement, Fuel Hose and more...

HVAC - Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Blower Motor Relay, Blower Motor Replacement, Blower Motor Repair, Blower Motor Resistor, Blower Motor Switch and more...

Tire / Wheels Tire Pressure Check, Tire Rotation, truck Tires, Wheel Balancing, Wheel Packages and more...

Satisfied Customers


The service was incredible, the prices were fair, and I was assured by a local fellow there that Dave's workmanship was top-notch.

Ms.Corey O'Day
Chicago, Illinois


I recommend anyone and everyone to bring their automotive problems to Claremont Service.

Anthony B
Claremont, Minnesota


The hometown value and service you provide can not be beat.

Jeff L
Claremont, Minnesota

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